Simplify Your Work with Runaks MDM. Keep Your Mobile Devices Secure and Boost Productivity.


Runaks MDM offers device management capabilities with technology beyond traditional MDM standards, allowing businesses to control their mobile devices faster and more efficiently.

Remote Management

Gain full access to your devices in the field with remote control, allowing you to operate them as if they were in your hands.


Track all your devices in real-time with a live map! Reduce the risk of loss or theft by obtaining the latest locations of your devices.

Application Management

With a single click, remotely install, update, or uninstall applications on thousands of devices in the field. Standardize them all.

Security Policies

Take actions against incidents. Set up actions for events like device overheating or unauthorized location access.

Runaks Browser

A powerful web browser designed to optimize enterprise applications and enhance cross-device compatibility.


Advanced reporting makes it easy for businesses to monitor performance, detect security vulnerabilities, and make strategic decisions.


Real-Time Location Tracking

Track all your devices in real-time with a live map! Reduce the risk of loss or theft by obtaining the latest locations of your devices.

  • Track your devices in real-time. Create security policies for online and offline scenarios.
  • Measure the productivity of your field employees with real-time location tracking.
  • Automatically take preventive measures by receiving instant, last, and unauthorized location data in case of theft.
Remote Control

Full Control Over Devices

  • Manage Your Devices Remotely: Gain remote access to your devices with Runaks MDM. With remote control, you can lock, monitor, reboot, and manage devices as needed.
  • Centralized Control: Manage different devices from various brands and models in one platform. Gain complete control over devices to optimize your business processes.
  • Data Security: Ensure device security with remote control. Remotely wipe lost or stolen devices, encrypt data, and quickly implement security measures.
  • Increased Productivity: Remote device management enhances employee productivity. Keep your workflows uninterrupted by performing updates and configurations remotely.

Faster, More Stable, More Secure

Runaks MDM speeds up mobile device management, optimizes workflows, provides a stable infrastructure, and keeps your data highly secure.




More Stable


More Secure

Managing 20,000+ Devices

Runaks MDM has found its place in the corporate mobile management market on four continents (Europe, Asia, Africa, and America). International references are rapidly increasing, and happy customers continue to emerge. Join us!


Runaks MDM flawlessly manages our mobile inventory and plays a crucial role in the success of our operations by providing advanced APN management.

Atakan Yıldırım - Muğla Su ve Kanalizasyon İdaresi
Onur Hipermarketler Zinciri

With Runaks MDM, the time and energy costs of IT support for our mobile devices have significantly decreased, while device and data security have increased equally.

Deniz Erkut – Onur Hipermarketler Zinciri
ŞOK Marketler Zinciri

We manage a large mobile device inventory operating throughout Turkey. Runaks MDM easily handles this workload. It has earned our appreciation with its security and high performance.

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BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Runaks BYOD feature allows employees to use their personal devices for work while maintaining continuous control to ensure the security and compliance of corporate data. This provides a balance of flexibility and security for workplaces.


Runaks MDM will soon provide support for Windows, iOS, and macOS, in addition to the Android operating system.

Non-GMS Support

The Non-GMS feature supports devices without Google Mobile Services, allowing you to meet work requirements without access to Google services. This feature enables organizations to work securely and efficiently in alternative mobile ecosystems.

End-to-End Security

End-to-end security ensures the protection of data throughout the transmission process, maximizing the security of corporate data. This approach includes encryption of data, authorization of access, and protection against threats at every step, ensuring the security of sensitive information.

Runaks info
Multi-Language Support

Used Worldwide

  • Runaks MDM caters to businesses worldwide by supporting different language options. Users can choose their preferred language and personalize the management interface.
  • Runaks MDM provides user-friendly tools for managing and localizing different language translations, allowing you to quickly adapt your product to different markets and meet the needs of local users.
  • Global Collaboration and Compliance: Multi-language support facilitates international collaboration and compliance with regulations. It enables more effective communication with employees and customers in different countries and helps you meet local requirements.

Manage All Your Devices, Regardless of Brand or Model

With Runaks MDM, manage all your mobile devices from a single platform without distinguishing between brands and models. Enhance access, monitoring, and security controls to make your business processes more efficient.


Frequently Asked Questions

You can find Runaks answers to common questions asked by potential users below.

Does Runaks MDM only work in the cloud? Is there an on-premises installation option?

Both cloud and on-premises installations are available. With on-premises installation, you can install it on your internal network on a server of your choice.

Can all cloud capabilities of Runaks MDM be fully used in on-premises installations?

Yes, all cloud capabilities of Runaks MDM can be fully used in on-premises installations.

Does Runaks MDM have a security firewall in the Enterprise Browser?

Yes. It provides security firewall in three options;

  • Access to all sites
  • Block restricted sites
  • Access only allowed sites

How is licensing provided with Runaks MDM?

Licensing is based on the number of devices. You can subscribe for a minimum of 1 year, and you can add and replace devices without the need to purchase additional licenses.

How long does it take for commands like sending applications, profiles, notification messages, etc., to reach the devices?

With an average internet infrastructure, commands will reach all devices within a maximum of 10 minutes for up to 1000 devices. Offline devices will receive queued commands when they come online.

Can Runaks MDM be used on devices without Google Mobility Services (Non-GMS)?

Yes, Runaks MDM works without the need for Google Mobile Services (GMS) and operates with its own infrastructure.

Do security policies work offline?

Yes, security policies and actions you create for mobile devices are stored in the device database and can function offline without requiring an internet connection.

What are the installation options for new devices with Runaks MDM?
  • Zero Touch Enrollment: You can enroll devices into Runaks MDM using their IMEI without any physical contact.
  • Installation via QR Code: Reset the device to factory settings and set up the installation by scanning a QR code generated from the Runaks MDM platform.
  • Installation via ADB: After downloading Runaks MDM to the device, you can authorize it by connecting the device to a computer and using ADB commands for installation.
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Runaks Support Services

RUNAKS MDM offers free first-class support throughout the subscription period to enhance the value it provides to its customers. With RUNAKS, you know that our support team is always there to meet your needs and resolve any issues that may arise quickly and efficiently as you manage your business processes with RUNAKS MDM. Contact us with your questions and keep your corporate operations running smoothly.

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